Wiring Diagram for MSD 6AL

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In this article, we will discuss the wiring diagram for MSD 6AL ignition control module. The MSD 6AL is a popular ignition control module used in high-performance engines to enhance their ignition system. It provides multiple spark discharge and adjustable rev limit to optimize engine performance. Understanding how to correctly wire the MSD 6AL is crucial to ensure proper functioning and maximize its benefits. Let’s dive into the details!


1. Components Required

Before wiring the MSD 6AL, ensure you have all the necessary components. You will need the MSD 6AL ignition control module, a distributor, coil, and the required wiring harness. Additionally, make sure you have the appropriate tools such as wire strippers, crimpers, and electrical tape for a secure and professional installation.

2. Wiring Connections

The MSD 6AL requires specific wiring connections to function correctly. Start by connecting the main power wire from the ignition switch to the red wire on the MSD 6AL. This wire provides power to the module. Next, connect the black wire from the MSD 6AL to the vehicle’s ground. It is crucial to have a solid ground connection for proper operation.

The orange wire on the MSD 6AL should be connected to the positive terminal of the ignition coil. This wire supplies power to the coil. The white wire connects to the points or electronic ignition output of the distributor. It triggers the ignition module to send spark to the spark plugs.

Additionally, connect the small red wire to a switched 12V source, which provides power only when the ignition switch is in the “on” position. The small black wire is for the tachometer signal and should be connected to the negative side of the ignition coil or tach output terminal of the electronic ignition system.

3. Rev Limit Adjustment

The MSD 6AL allows you to set a rev limit for your engine to prevent over-revving and potential damage. To adjust the rev limit, connect the supplied rev limit pills to the two-pin connector on the side of the MSD 6AL. Each pill represents a specific RPM limit. Choose the appropriate pill for your desired rev limit and plug it into the connector.

4. Advantages of MSD 6AL

The MSD 6AL offers several advantages for high-performance engines. Firstly, it provides multiple spark discharge, which ensures a complete combustion of the air-fuel mixture, resulting in improved throttle response and increased power. Secondly, the adjustable rev limit allows you to fine-tune your engine’s performance and protect it from potential damage. Lastly, the MSD 6AL is compatible with various ignition systems, making it a versatile choice for different engine setups.

5. Disadvantages of MSD 6AL

While the MSD 6AL is a reliable and effective ignition control module, it does have a few disadvantages. Firstly, it can be relatively expensive compared to other ignition modules in the market. Additionally, the installation and wiring process may require some technical knowledge and expertise. It is recommended to seek professional help if you are unsure about the wiring connections.

6. Alternative Wiring Diagram for MSD 6AL

If you are looking for an alternative wiring diagram for the MSD 6AL, you can refer to the manufacturer’s manual or their official website. They provide detailed instructions and diagrams for different engine setups and ignition systems. It is essential to follow the specific wiring diagram provided by MSD to ensure proper installation and optimal performance.

7. Wiring Diagram for MSD 6AL – Complete Table

Wire Color Connection
Red Main Power (Ignition Switch)
Black Vehicle Ground
Orange Positive Terminal of Ignition Coil
White Points/Electronic Ignition Output of Distributor
Small Red Switched 12V Source
Small Black Negative Side of Ignition Coil/Tach Output Terminal

8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I install the MSD 6AL myself, or should I seek professional help?

A: While it is possible to install the MSD 6AL yourself, it is recommended to seek professional help if you are unsure about the wiring connections or lack technical knowledge. This ensures a safe and proper installation.

Q: Can I use the MSD 6AL with any ignition coil?

A: Yes, the MSD 6AL is compatible with most ignition coils. However, it is essential to check the manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.


In conclusion, understanding the wiring diagram for MSD 6AL is crucial for a successful installation and optimal performance of your high-performance engine. By following the correct wiring connections and utilizing the adjustable rev limit feature, you can enhance the ignition system’s performance and protect your engine from potential damage. Remember to refer to the manufacturer’s manual or seek professional help if you encounter any difficulties during the installation process. Enjoy the benefits of the MSD 6AL ignition control module and unleash the full potential of your engine!